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Genome’s vision is to bring internationally acclaimed molecules closer to the medical fraternities across many emerging markets even by revolutionizing genomics based treatment in Oncology and other specialty segments...

Our Services

HCS is one of the first and fewer entities to evangelize the concept of Named Patient Services in India. NPS is a unique service which resolves the complex process of targeted patient supply. Under regular circumstances many specialty drugs are not available in India. Some of these life saving drugs may be still under the clinical research phase.

Under extreme limited conditions, we supply life saving medicine directly to the patients. NPS is possible because of our strong network with the Pharmaceutical companies in the US and European markets. This process marks a new beginning for customized patient supply. We even supply some medicine which may not be licensed irrespective of the location constrains.

Under the banner of NPS, we also facilitate reputed institutions in procuring some of the unique molecules for their patients. Our strong presence in the legendary hospitals in India speaks volumes in our favor. We could mark our uniqueness in such a short span of time only because of our transparency and prompt patient focused services.

Consulting Services

Consulting is one of our prime services at HCS. We partner with the Pharmaceutical companies in offering world class business solutions. We spend significant time to try their shoes and understand the Business capabilities. Meeting up with the ambitions, plans and vision, we bring in perceptions and expert opinions from the Industrial experts. We share our wisdom and mobilize desired resources, time to time.


Outsourcing provides scope for introducing new products. The challenge today the limited options to be the brand leaders. Introducing unique molecules shall be the best possible strategy to overcome the challenge. We assist you in identifying and procuring such unique products which can be converted to be stylish brands in India.

Business Planning

We work together with the companies’ leadership team in devising the strategy and a concrete business model. We believe in aggressive strategies for smart business. We bring in options from multiple channels to explore the Industry Best Practices. We also mobilize health care experts to add perspective to effective planning.

Training & Development

we also accept the Training assignments as we see an advantage in training the sales & marketing team directly. This shall ensure the continuity of Business planning. We design brand specific training modules along with the strategy briefing. We take through scenarios and market objectives during the interactive sessions.

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