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Genome’s vision is to bring internationally acclaimed molecules closer to the medical fraternities across many emerging markets even by revolutionizing genomics based treatment in Oncology and other specialty segments...

International Patients

As an International patient seeking Health Care advice, you would always evaluate some of the benefits offered by the Hospital or your treating physician. When you are referred to an Indian Health Care centre or consultant, you need to be sure of the quality standards and credentials. Many International Patients do care to know about the prospects of overall outcome. While there are some well established Hospitals, there are many upcoming centers with modern facilities too. It would always be good for any International Patient to sort guidance and advice to be sure and proceed confidently with treatment.

International Patients are advised to…
Seek more information- Always seek more information on the treating Physician’s credentials and past experience in treating International Patients. You may be delighted to know your Doctor for his or her expertise in assisting patients from various locations. You seek more information because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the best options.
Locate specialty centers- Hospitals in India are well defined and segmented as specialty care centers. Based on your disease condition, you can locate the specialty center that can suite well with your targeted outcome. You can always discuss with your primary or referring Physician to suggest you the specialty center.
Plan well before arrival- It is important for you to consider all your options including travel & stay and come well prepared for your treatment in India. You can make your treatment experience truly rewarding by reaching out to your medical services counselors, well before your arrival to India.
‘Genome’ is a fine edge specialty Health Care services company which is also a one stop avenue for all your queries. Our expert team shall assist you in identifying the best options based on your disease condition. We deal with specialized centers of excellence; our eminent expertise will make you realize how convenient and sophisticated your stay and treatment in India can be. Reach us out today no matter which part of the Globe you are in – we truly believe that there are ‘No Boundaries for Better Health’.

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