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Genome’s vision is to bring internationally acclaimed molecules closer to the medical fraternities across many emerging markets even by revolutionizing genomics based treatment in Oncology and other specialty segments...

Genome Advantage

Genome is one of the most progressive and innovative Health Care entity in UAE originated from the parent company HCS India. We are committed to offering optimal health & medical tourism services in India to UAE Patients seeking better health from Indian centers. Genome is an innovative Health and medical performance service provider providing end to end treatment plan to patients. Genome, together with HCS Global has been extending its service portfolio to maximize reach, essentially helping the global patient community.

Genome is Unique & Absolute
Health experts beyond tourism advisors- Our tag as Medical Tourism Consultants has less meaning without our Health expertise. Unlike many other logistics companies, we are thorough bread of Health Care Professionals. Our team understands Health Care in compliance with Hospitals and Institutions of global standards. Our past experience is more assuring as we built out specialty team to assist patients of various challenges and priorities.

Holistic and Complete- Our vast expertise is Holistic and Complete that is finely designed to help patients get optimum treatment. We work along with you to address your challenges and arrive at solutions. We extend our services through consulting, counseling, logistics support, appointments, and reservations. We also extend our services during the treatment stage through our partner HCS Global, procuring and supplying unique medicines as required.

All requirements for a patient from the time the patient steps into our office till the patient returns after being treated is being addressed by our team. Requirements broadly include

  • getting the necessary documents / records from patients forward it to the concerned hospital tied up with Genome for the treating doctor’s comments and acceptance of the case.
  • Treatment plan by the hospital including the type of treatment, duration of the treatment, operations involved in the treatment etc. This will give an insight to the patient to understand the nature of treatment the patient will undergo so that the anxiety levels are kept low.
  • Travel requirements for the patient along with the patient’s care giver, visa formalities, tickets, accommodation form part of the solution we offer.
  • Once the patient arrives in India for treatment the patient is escorted from the airport to an accommodation through our representatives in India. The patient and the care giver are put up in a location close to the hospital. An interpreter where required is provided for easy communication between the patient and the hospital, hotel etc so as to make the stay comfortable
  • Services also include providing transport to the patient for hospital runs prior to the admission. Patients and care givers are provided with quality food as per dietary requirements until the point of admission into the hospital which is usually one week from the point of patient landing in India.
  • Food and accommodation needs of patients and care givers during the time of hospitalization will be provided till the patient gets discharged from the hospital
  • Once the patient gets discharged we arrange for the patient to be accommodated for a further duration of one week or till such time the hospital certifies the patient fit to travel. During this period we offer accommodation and food and fly the patient back to UAE.
  • We do not end our services when the patient returns back home. We provide post treatment support by handing over the patient records to the referring doctor and perform a follow up after a set duration by the treating doctor when the doctor visits UAE

Genome walks with the patient through the whole cycle and ensures that the patient receives best treatment. We aim at thriving to provide quality service so that the patient comes out of the whole experience with the satisfaction of entrusting their treatment in the right hands.

Our biggest reward during the whole process is when we ensure that we were able to help the patient get back to their normal self after a brief pause.

Most trusted partners- We are recognized as the most trusted service partners by some of the highly reputed Hospitals and Consultants in India. We could achieve such levels of perfection because of our Global access and proven capabilities on essential Health Care protocols besides our regulatory know-how. All our advice to patients shall be given only after validating credentials and facilities of Physicians and Hospitals respectively.

When you talk to us, be assured of expert consulting, comforting engagement and experience high - end support till you complete your treatment in India. You can also be assured of your privacy and restriction of sensitive information sharing as we are strictly governed by internal norms & protocols based on global guidelines on Patient Rights.

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