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Genome’s vision is to bring internationally acclaimed molecules closer to the medical fraternities across many emerging markets even by revolutionizing genomics based treatment in Oncology and other specialty segments...

About Us

Origin and Establishment

Genome is an Asia based Healthcare Service provider operating from Dubai, UAE since 2016. It is affiliated to its parent organization HCS established in Chennai, India in the year 2010. Ever since its establishment, HCS has been consistent and promising in delivering unique Healthcare solutions to various healthcare segments including Hospitals, Clinical Research Entities and Pharmaceutical Companies in India. HCS carries the global flavor and charm because of its alliance with American, European and Canadian markets while integrating exceptionally advanced Healthcare facilities in the Asian market.

Genome health and medical performance services is established with the view of extending quality health care services of Hemogene Consulting services to the gulf region.

Our Mission

Genome’s mission is to cater the latest /recently approved acclaimed molecules in the field of Oncology and Transplantation, both from the US and the European market, thereby empowering the medical fraternity to access and chose the best treatment possible options for their patients.

Our Vision

Genome's vision is to emerge as pioneers and forerunners by facilitating innovative medicine and Healthcare solutions by facilitating timely treatment coupled with expert services in the field of Oncology and transplantation challenging the results of the western region

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